DeFinity FI Academy:
5-Step Success System by TimefreedomTeam

#1 Expose - Watch Both Videos

#2 Empower: Join Our Team’s Facebook Group and/or
Telegram Group, as well - be sure to subscribe
to our YouTube Channel.

#3 Engage - Get Enrollment Link of
your Sponsor:

Enroll with the link of the person that referred you here (if you don’t have their link – ask them for it) using the SafePal Wallet (if you don’t have it see Red Button below)

#4 Execute - Connect your SafePal Wallet
and Purchase Packages:

First get SafePal Wallet for your Device (Red Button), if you don’t already have it. Second, purchase the packages you want
(Green Button).

#5 Educate - Share & Repeat Steps 1- 4

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